Home Shoulder Workout During Quarantine

Updated: Apr 16

I get it...

All the avid gym goers are freaking out about losing their gains since no one can train at the gym right now. But it doesn't have to be this way!

In this workout I show you how to maximize hypertrophy using the principal of time under tension with dumbbells (in combination with bands if you want an extra challenge!) I personally love using dumbbells for the majority of my shoulder training. I often incorporate drop sets and other methodologies in order to maximize time under tension. Delts respond really well to high amounts of time under tension, lactic acid, and metabolic stress. So here's a great workout to take advantage of this type of training.

Time under tension (TUT) refers to how long a muscle is under load or strain during a set. If you do 10 reps per set, it's about 30 seconds of tension each time. As long as the load is challenging, that’s typically enough to cause the kind of metabolic stress & microscopic damage that spurs the body to both repair the muscle and increase its size and strength in anticipation of lifting that load again. But when it comes to muscle building, more tension is even better.

The greater a muscle’s TUT, the greater its potential growth stimulus is. But simply increasing the duration of each set isn’t enough; you also have to increase the amount of tension your muscle experiences. Taking advantage of time under tension in the right way will help you maximize hypertrophy. With lighter weights, longer sets, less rest, and working to fatigue— you can maximize results during your time spent doing home workouts in quarantine!

Since delts respond really well to high amounts of time under tension, lactic acid, and metabolic stress, I wanted to share a great workout to take advantage of this type of training.


- Move from one exercise to the next without resting.

- Perform this giant set three times through. 

- You can either perform all of the (a) exercises using dumbbells in one giant set, followed by all of the (b) exercises using bands in one giant set, OR perform (1a) immediately followed by (1b) the band counterpart, and repeat through to (5a&b).

-You’ll quickly realize that using light weights following the time under tension protocol can create a burn that is excruciating. But that’s the price that must be paid to promote muscle growth! So dig deep and go for the burn! 

1a) Dumbbell Lateral Raise - seated or standing

2a) Dumbbell Upright Row 

3a) Dumbbell Shoulder Press (or single arm press using a kettlebell if you prefer) - seated or standing

4a) Dumbbell Front Raise (I perform this exercise alternating arms because it creates less stress for my pre-existing cervical spine injury)

5a) Dumbbell Bent Over Rear Delt Raise

1b) Band Lateral Raise - seated or standing

2b) Band Upright Row

3b) Band Shoulder Press (not shown) - seated or standing

4b) Band Front Raise

5b) Band Rear Delt Pulls

Be sure to save this workout to do later & share with a friend that needs some great home workout ideas (because friends don't let friends lose gains during quarantine)!

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