How to Survive the Post Bikini Competition Blues

Updated: Apr 16

So you just did a BIG THING!

You prepped for months, got in the best shape of your life, competed in a bikini/figure/bodybuilding competition, and then you woke up Monday morning and realized you just don't feel like yourself. You're probably experiencing feelings of depression, low energy, lack of direction, restlessness, anxiety, sadness, and regret. Whether it's your first time competing or your 10th time, these feelings are all very common and can be difficult to navigate by yourself. But there is a very real reason you are feeling this way - it's the post-competition blues!

So once you acknowledge there is a justifiable reason for it all, it becomes easier to accept and move past it. I'd like to provide you with some valuable tips to help you overcome this. Watch this short video to find out! And don't forget above all to be proud of all you've accomplished on your journey!

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