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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Did you ever have something that you worked really hard on...that you always dreamed of having one day...that was a labor of love and the biggest thing that you just couldn't even wait to finish or accomplish? That's what this website is for me! It's been a loooong time in the making and I cannot even begin to express in words the feeling I have now that it's finally come to fruition. My vision and passion is now accessible to everyone worldwide, and honestly the thought just has me giddy. 

First of all, I need to give the biggest thanks ever to my amazing fiancé - this was all made possible because of him! I had gone to a few web designers over the years but honestly nothing clicked until Mike and I sat side-by-side. I explained in precise detail what I envisioned and he worked many 10-12 hr days on end with me to take everything I dreamed of and bring it to life (it just goes to show what having the right people in your life can do for you!).

So here it is! The gallery of competition photos and the results page don't even come close to being all the highlights and best memories made so far in my 19+ years of coaching. 

But I'll tell you what - I am so absolutely sure that helping others achieve their health and fitness goals is my absolute true life's purpose. I've actually known this for quite a while now and feel very blessed for it. And I also know I haven't yet touched the surface of all the lives I'm meant to impact. So if you're ready to look and feel the BEST you ever have, reach out right away. All it takes is that one simple first step. Let's conquer big goals together!


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